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Christi Thompson, MS, LPC, CCTP-II

Trauma and Attachment Therapist

Christi is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, Level 2 (CCTP-II), and founder of Beautiful Creation Counseling and Community Outreach. In private practice she works with individuals and families suffering from post traumatic stress symptoms and attachment wounds. She offers intensive trauma counseling, coaching, consulting, and community outreach services. Christi is elated to embark on this new journey as a founding member of Integrated Trauma Trainings alongside her friend and colleague, Kirsten Banks. She is thrilled by the possibilities that lie ahead and the potential for positive change they can create together through their shared vision.

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Christi uses a trauma informed approach to advocate for healing and resilience in her community. Fueled by creativity and her own journey of healing from complex trauma, Christi brings an innovative and compassionate She developed the C.A.R.© framework to teach interpersonal neurobiology and work with those who have been impacted by trauma. Christi has worked in the mental health field for 20 years and specializes in treating complex and acute trauma, in individuals, as well as families and couples.

Christi earned her BA degree in Spanish and a minor in Business with a Certificate in Latin American Studies from the University of North Georgia (formerly NGCSU) in 2002. Following graduation, Christi accepted a position as an interpreter and parent aide providing in-home services for DFCS and DJJ . In 2005, she pursued her master’s degree in Community Counseling from the University of North Georgia, working as a school counselor and later in private practice, where she became a fully Licensed Professional Counselor. During her undergraduate studies Christi worked briefly at No One Alone, an organization in Dahlonega, GA that provides emergency shelter and a vast array of support services such as trauma counseling, legal advocacy, financial assistance, children’s groups and life skills classes. During Christi’s senior year of undergraduate school she completed a Study abroad program in Xela, Guatemala where she worked in a local orphanage supporting the women and children who lived there. After graduation from her undergraduate degree in 2002, Christi worked at Chestatee Counseling Center, where she served families and children in 13 counties in Northern Georgia. Working on a multi-disciplinary team, she collaborated with caseworkers, social workers, and other professionals involved in the lives of these families. Together, they developed comprehensive support plans that addressed the diverse needs of the children and families, aiming to create a nurturing and stable environment amidst the turmoil they experienced. Fueled by the profound impact of her early experiences, she recognized her calling in the field of mental health, setting her sights on pursuing a master's degree. During her studies, an exciting opportunity arose as she was offered a position at Brenau Academy as the school counselor. Immersed in the school environment, she had the privilege of supporting and guiding students through their challenges, providing a safe space for them to share their concerns and fostering their emotional well-being. Here she provided DBT groups and individual counseling services, as well as serving on the administrative team. In 2011, Christi accepted a position in private practice at Beyond Today Counseling Center. Within the supportive and collaborative atmosphere of this practice, she continued to grow both personally and professionally. The time spent in this environment will forever hold a special place in her heart. It was a period of growth, learning, and inspiration that prepared her to open her own private practice with confidence and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of trauma-informed services. Following the birth of her youngest child, and after spending meaningful time at home with her children, she experienced a strong calling to embark on a new chapter in her career by opening Beautiful Creation Counseling and Community Outreach. This profound inner voice guided her towards the path ahead of her, fueling her passion for making a difference in the lives of others.

Following the devastation of Hurricane Michael (2018), Christi served the storm impacted community, offering staff training for a local church as well as intensive trauma counseling for storm victims. In 2020, she authored a trauma-informed children's book, Hope in the Storm. Her hope for the book, born from the inspiration she found in the community impacted by Hurricane Michael, was to offer a powerful tool for parents and caregivers to help children to explore and understand their own experiences of trauma. Locally, Christi leads a monthly outreach event, where mental health topics are taught from a Christian perspective.

Trained in modalities such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Progressive Counting, FLASH, and ASSYST, Christi integrates parts work and various evidence-based theories, bringing a comprehensive attachment-based approach to trauma-informed care. With her diverse training and expertise, she possesses a wealth of therapeutic tools to support individuals on their healing journeys. Drawing from her extensive knowledge and experience, she has developed the C.A.R.© Framework, a research-informed, phase model approach to intensive trauma counseling. This approach recognizes the unique needs and complexities of individuals navigating the aftermath of complex trauma. By providing a structured and sequential framework, she guides clients through each phase of healing, fostering safety, empowerment, and growth. Her proven strategies have consistently delivered life-changing results for clients grappling with the effects of complex trauma. Through a combination of evidence-based interventions, tailored to each individual's unique needs, she helps clients uncover and process deep-rooted wounds, transforming their relationship with trauma and paving the way for lasting healing. At a recent training, Christi unveiled an adapted version of FLASH protocol using attachment-based principles with the goal of providing safe and effective treatment that can be widely employed to serve those who have been impacted by trauma. She and Kirsten plan to continue collaborative work on this endeavor and will soon be offering trainings.

With her diverse skill set, research-informed approach, and dedication to excellence, Christi stands ready to teach other clinicians how to guide clients through transformative healing experiences and inspire trauma-informed communities. Her adaptability, compassion, and expertise make her a trusted ally in the journey toward healing from complex trauma, empowering individuals and communities to move forward with strength and resilience.

Christi was born and raised in Cumming, Georgia and her family has deep roots in the North Georgia community at large. Christi has been married to her husband, Scott, for 16 years. They have 2 adventurous boys and love to spend time exploring nature and camping with friends.

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