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Brainspotting (BSP)

Brainspotting is an innovative therapy that combines aspects of EMDR, mindfulness, and brain and body-based therapies. Brainspotting therapy involves using eye position, mind-body awareness, and mindfulness exercises to help clients overcome issues like PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

What is BSP Therapy?

Brainspotting is a new form of therapy that aims to help clients process through difficult emotions or traumatic experiences. In brainspotting, different eye positions are used to help identify “brainspots” linked to certain experiences, emotions, or sources of distress. Once identified, brainspotting therapists use mindfulness techniques to help the client access, experience and process through the thoughts and feelings stored in this brainspot.


While brainspotting originated from EMDR, it is considered a separate practice. For both brainspotting and EMDR, the eye is used as the access point for trauma and difficult emotions.

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How effective is BSP?

Both brainspotting and EMDR therapies attempt to help those in therapy reprocess negative events and retrain emotional reactions. EMDR, the older of the two therapies, has been more intensively studied, but therapists are increasingly practicing brainspotting and reporting positive results.

Reported to help with a variety of psychological concerns, brainspotting is primarily used in trauma therapy and for the treatment of PTSD. It has also been shown to assist in injury recovery and help treat physical illness, inattention, stress, and low motivation. Some therapists believe psychological issues—such as anger, procrastination, and difficulty concentrating, among others—can be caused by trauma. Therefore, brainspotting might be a particularly effective form of therapy for those individuals who wish to address one or more of these concerns.

Who can benefit from BSP?

Those who have experienced either physical or emotional trauma may benefit from brainspotting. This form of therapy has been shown to be an effective treatment option for those experiencing:

All forms of trauma


Attention issues (ADHD)

Anger issues


Substance abuse

Chronic fatigue and chronic pain

Impulse control issues

Sports performance issues

Trained BSP Therapist

Antonio Cordero, Ed.M., LPC is a licensed professional counselor and a trained BSP therapist. He is also a peak performance coach and is experienced in working with clients to overcome challenges to achieve optimum performance, health, and wellness. Antonio has a passion for working with clients to remove the mental blocks that may be impacting their ability to live their best life.

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