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Treatment Consulting & Placement

Discovering that your loved one needs treatment, figuring out what to do next can be overwhelming. Our experienced team provides independent and unbiased treatment referrals and coordination services.

We offer treatment consulting & placement services for families or friends who have a loved one that needs treatment and is willing to accept help or go to treatment. Finding the right treatment program or facility is an important yet challenging decision. We assist the family with selecting the most approiate program or facality for their loved ones specific needs. Because there is no one-size-fits-all treatment plan or recovery environment, it is important to assess each individual’s needs on a case-by-case basis. We are committed to putting our ethics, integrity and client's safety and well-being as our number one priority. Because we are not employed by and do not receive payment of any kind from any of the treatment programs we recommend, we are able to make unbiased treatment recommendations to guide you in your decision-making process. 

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Our Treatment Placement Process

While each case is unique and tailored to your specific needs, our process typically involves the following:

1. Clinical History: We will obtain a thorough clinical history of your loved one.

2. Clinical Consultation: We will listen & understand your unique situation to begin to develop your specific plan.

3. Level of Care Assessment: We will assess and evaluate your situation and recommend the appropriate level of care.

4. Treatment & Provider Recommendations.

5. Treatment Placement Selection Process and aid with the admissions process.

6. Coordination of sober transport if necessary.

7. Referral recommendations for the family.

8. After the placement is complete we offer a variety of case management and contintuing care services.

Everyone’s Path is Different.

Because the team at Therapeutic Recovery Network is extremely well connected with many highly qualified treatment centers and other recovery professionals throughout the U.S. The end result is a unique treatment plan developed especially for you or your loved one.


Placement options can include the following:

Detox programs: Detox helps manage painful or unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as an addicted person rids their body and mind of drugs and alcohol before moving on to the next phase of treatment.

Residential treatment centers: Clients who require a high level of support and monitoring of their behavior often benefit from the structured environment of a residential treatment center.

Intensive Out-Patient (IOP) Programs: Client lives at home or a sober living environment and attends outpatient programming.

Medical inpatient/psychiatric assessment and stabilization programs: This level of treatment is for people in crisis who require an intensive level of care not often available in an outpatient setting.

Outdoor/wilderness programs: Wilderness therapy programs are designed to teach teens and young adults healthy coping skills by separating them from distractions such as entertainment and social media.

Collegiate recovery programs: Drinking and drug use often define many students’ social lives in college. This permissive environment and lack of parental supervision can lead to addiction for many young adults. Collegiate recovery programs help students maintain a sober lifestyle while they pursue higher education.

In addition to families, we provide treatment consulting services for:

Treatment Programs: We provide consultation services for treatment programs who are working to develop quality systems of care for addiction, mental health, and trauma informed care. We also assist treatment programs with providing case management services to individual clients and their families who are in their treatment programs that may need more intensive service than they can provide or who may need help transitioning out of their programs for additional services.

Counseling Professionals and Colleagues: Oftentimes other therapists who specialize in other areas besides substance abuse often struggle with what is the best approach when substance abuse is interfering with their client’s therapy. Specializing in the field of addiction, we work with other licensed counseling or healthcare professionals to provide counseling and referral support services for their clients with substance abuse or mental health issues to ensure the best treatment plan is developed for the client. These services can include locating the right detox or stabilization placement option, recommending safe and reliable options for treatment, and ongoing case management. The client will remain the client of the primary therapist while we focus on assisting with the substance use disorder related services for the individual and the family.

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