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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

At TRN we value our vast network and working relationship with others in the field. To show our gratitude we like to highlight those that stand out. This week’s “Industry Spotlight” is Heather Hayes! Heather is known as one of the country's most prominent authorities in the behavioral health field. She is the founder and CEO of Heather R. Hayes & Associates and has dedicated over 30 years working to helping individuals and families find recovery and a path to healing. Heather is a featured Interventionist on the A&E show "Intervention." She is a coveted speaker on the national and international stage. You can hear one of her talks titled "A Nation Held Hostage" here...

Heather has been a guiding light for Kirsten and Allison since the early days. Heather rented Kirsten her first office space as Kirsten was just starting her private practice in an old building that is now the new Forsyth County Courthouse. Over the years we have developed a great working relationship that has resulted in almost daily collaboration in an effort to help families find recovery. We are so grateful for Heather's love and encouragement from that old building on the square, to what is now known as Therapeutic Recovery Network!

Heather, we thank you from the bottom of our heart and we are honored to have you as this week's Industry Spotlight!

Meet Heather…

Heather Hayes is the Founder and CEO of Heather R. Hayes & Associates, Inc. She is a Master’s Level, Licensed Counselor, Board Registered Interventionist (CIP) and Certified ARISE Interventionist. Mrs. Hayes received her B.A. from Emory University and her M.Ed. from Antioch University in Counseling Psychology. A veteran of the behavioral health field, she has over 30 years of experience working with addictions and other disorders and specializes in the treatment of adolescents/ young adults, trauma, brain disorders, complex mental health issues and the full spectrum of addictive disorders.

Known as one of the country’s most prominent authorities on these topics, Ms. Hayes is a coveted speaker on the national and international stage and has been published in numerous journals, books, and other industry publications. Recognized for her comprehensive and trauma-informed approach to addiction and intervention, Ms. Hayes serves as an on-air expert and consultant for CNN and Dr. Oz and has been featured on A&E, ABC, CBS, BBC, FOX, and NBC. In addition, Ms. Hayes is a featured interventionist on the 2018 & 2019 seasons of A&E’s high-profile show Intervention.

Throughout her career in addiction treatment, Mrs. Hayes has worked to connect with her clients at their greatest points of suffering. She strives to offer clients and their families a place of safety as they navigate the recovery journey and works with the entire family system to support long-term healing. As an independent interventionist, Mrs. Hayes does not have financial relationships with any treatment centers or clinicians. Over 90% of the individuals who go through the intervention process with her seek treatment.

Outside of work, Heather uses her expertise to give back to her community as a volunteer psychological profiler with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department Hostage Negotiation and SWAT Team.

For information about Heather R Hayes & Associates please visit her website at

To see Heather featured on the A&E show "Intervention"

To see Heather featured on CNN

To See Heather featured on The Dr. Oz Show |

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