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At TRN we value our vast network and working relationship with others in the field. To show our gratitude we like to highlight those that stand out. This week’s “Industry Spotlight” is Ward Blanchard!

Ward is the founder and CEO of The Blanchard Institute, located in Charlotte, NC. Ward has been a huge supporter of both Kirsten and Allison over the years. Kirsten and Allison have been able to lean on Ward as he freely shares his vast experience and expertise. TRN, Kirsten, and Allison regularly work with Ward helping families find healing through The Blanchard Institute's many family programs. Ward has become one of the most prominent mental health and Substance Use Disorder professionals in the country for his innovative work with clients and their family systems. We are humbled and honored to have Ward as this week's Industry Spotlight!

Watch Ward's talk titled "Families Empower Change"

For more information on The Blanchard Institute please visit their website at

Click below to take a quick tour of The Blanchard Institute...

Meet Ward...

Born and raised on the coast of the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Ward’s professional career sprouted from the progressive roots of Southern California nearly 15 years ago. Ward’s behavioral health career was cultivated through working in all facets of the behavioral health treatment industry. Since moving to Charlotte, NC over four years ago, Ward has become one of the most prominent mental health and Substance Use Disorder professionals in the country for his innovative work with clients and their family systems. Ward founded Blanchard and Associates, LLC over 10 years ago as a private practice focusing on family restructuring, family case management, and family consulting. In 2017, Ward established The Blanchard Institute, LLC, a dual diagnosis outpatient treatment center that incorporates comprehensive family focused care. Ward and his team approach treatment for behavioral health conditions through a unique family systems model that utilizes multiple evidence-based modalities in their innovative Blanchard family process. Currently, Ward is honored to serve on the Board of Directors of Addiction Professionals of North Carolina (APNC), a NPO (501c3) empowering advocacy and professional development in the NC human service industry, as Vice President of Southwestern Region of North Carolina Ward has a Master’s Degree in Psychology—Marriage and Family Therapy and an MBA in Healthcare administration. Specializing in dual diagnosis, Ward obtained his advanced addiction counseling education credential through California Association of Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CADC- II). Ward is also a Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist (LCAS) and a credentialed Clinical Supervisor (CCS). In his career that spans across the country, Ward furthered his career while also working alongside some of the world’s most well-known behavioral health centers including The Betty Ford Center, Michael’s House Dual Diagnosis Center, Foundations Recovery Network, and Southern California’s state system. Ward’s experience includes: interventions, treatment placement, program design and direction, experiential therapy, long term case management, and business administration and revenue cycle management. His passion is centered on educating individuals, families, and professionals as he has presented extensively at national conferences, hospital systems, continuing medical education events, and public service events.

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