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Updated: Sep 5, 2021

On Monday September 6th the United States celebrates Labor Day. The US has recognized the first Monday in September as Labor Day since 1894. It has become tradition for many across the country to host Labor Day parties, barbeques, and other social gatherings on the weekend leading up to Labor Day. Oftentimes these events include alcohol and for many it can be a relaxing way to enjoy the holiday. However, for people in recovery it can be stressful and present challenges while trying to maintain their sobriety. As we celebrate National Recovery Month and Labor Day, we wanted to share some helpful tips on how to enjoy the holiday without the temptations of substance use.

Have a Plan:

If you are attending a party or cookout where you know alcohol will be present, bring a sober friend and have a plan to leave if you are feeling uncomfortable.

Host your own Party:

Whether you want to have a big end of summer blowout or just a small gathering of friends over for a cookout, invite those that are also sober or are supportive of your desire to remain substance free.

Hang out at home and watch a movie:

There are many patriotic movies to choose from or funny movies to create laughter is a great way to enjoy the holiday!

Get outside:

Go for a hike or bike ride. Go paddle boarding or a kayak trip. Spend the day on the lake or go tubing down a river. Getting outside and taking in the sunshine and fresh air is good for the soul!

Remember you are not alone! If you or a loved one needs help, please reach out. Help is available. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!


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