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Military Children | Coping Skills

This group is for children, ages 7-13 years old, who are in a military family. This is a six week group teaching children a variety of CBT and DBT coping skills with a military-informed lens.

While some stress in life is normal and even healthy. kids today seem to be confronted with a myriad of experiences that can create tension and make coping with life a challenge. Common examples of these stressors include: lack of basic needs food. clothing. and shelter). divorce. death. illness. incarceration. foster care placement. family substance abuse. domestic violence. extended separation from a parent or loved one. or physical. sexual. emotional abuse.

Children who grow up in military families have unique experiences compared to their civilian peers. They move frequently, spend extended periods of time away from their parents during deployment and training periods, and get indirect exposure to war, conflict and violence, often at a young age.

This group will teach kids a variety of CBT and DBT coping skills with a military-informed lens. The group will run six weeks and will be led by Emma Kiely, APC-Eligible a children and adolescent therapist who is familiar with the complexities of life in a military family.

Cost of Group = $25 per group

Day / Time = Group will meet weekly on Sundays 1:00pm – 2:00pm

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Professional Facilation Provided By
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Emma Kiely, APC-Eligible, Child & Adolescent Therapist. Emma completed her Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling at Boston College. She has specialized interest in working with children, teenagers, and young adults with anxiety, OCD & trauma. Emma incorporates cognitive-behavioral and holistic practices into her counseling.

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