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Family Counseling

Therapeutic Recovery Network believes in whole family healing and change. Because of our team approach we offer wrap around family counseling to address psychological, behavioral, and emotional issues that cause family problems. We have therapist that can work with each family member individually as well as therapists that work with the family as a whole.

What is Family Counseling?

Family counseling, or family therapy, is a method to develop and maintain healthy and functional family relationships. The goal is to identify and address problems in the family. These issues could be emotional, psychological, or behavioral.

Many approaches to family therapy stem from family systems theory. This suggests that families work in systems rather than groups of people who function independently of each other. According to family systems theory, changes in one family member will influence trusted source changes in other parts of the family.

How can family counseling help?

The benefits of counseling vary from family to family but can include:

Developing healthy boundaries

Improving communication

Defining someone’s role within the family

Improving family dynamics and relationships

Providing strength and coping tools for family members

Addressing dysfunctional interactions

Improving the family’s problem-solving abilities


Benefits of family counseling,

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