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Assessments + Evaluations

Therapeutic Recovery Network provides full substance abuse assessments & evaluations. The purpose of a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation is to identify the approiate level of care and to develop a recommended treatment plan based on specific needs and diagnostic information.

What is a Substance Use Evaluation?

A Substance Use Evaluation, also known as a drug and alcohol evaluation, is a process that takes place between an individual and an addictions counselor. The goal of the process is to assess whether or not an individual’s alcohol and/or drug use is a problem. 

There are three categories of alcohol and drug use: social use, abuse, and dependence.

Social alcohol and/or drug Use: Many people have the ability to use alcohol and/or drugs in moderation on an occasional basis. These individuals do not suffer consequences as a result of their alcohol or drug use.

Alcohol and/or drug Abuse: These individuals use alcohol and/or drugs on a regular basis, often but not always using an excessive amount. Their lives are generally going well but there tend to be some consequences of their alcohol or drug use, perhaps in the areas of relationships, health, legal, or occupational issues.

Alcohol and/or drug Dependence: These individuals regularly use an excessive amount of alcohol and/or drugs and continue to use those substances in spite of significant consequence to all areas of their lives.

When a substance abuse evaluation is completed and it is determined that there in an alcohol and/or drug problem, the addictions counselor will be responsible to determine a diagnosis and to make treatment recommendations that best meet the needs of the individual. Treatment recommendations will not be the same for each individual; they should be personalized based on each individual’s unique history, current situation, strengths, and current needs.

Kirsten Banks, MA, LPC, CPCS, CAI, CIP is a Georgia State Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (CPCS), a Board Registered Certified Intervention Professional (CIP), a nationally Certified ARISE® Interventionist (CAI), and a Certified PC Trauma Therapist. Kirsten has worked in the addiction and behavioral health field for over 20 years and specializes in addiction, codependency, trauma, as well as family and couples counseling. Kirsten earned her BA and BS degrees in Sociology and a minor in Rehabilitative Services in Women’s Studies from the University of Florida in 1998. In 2005, she earned her Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Argosy University.

In addition to her work as a therapist and interventionist, Kirsten has had extensive community involvement in the local area to help combat the impact of drug addiction on the community. Kirsten developed and facilitates a local support group and online support community called Parent Recovery Network (PRN) for parents and grandparents of children of all ages who have any type of addiction.

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What is a substance use evaluation?,

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