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Disordered Eating Support Group

Want to rethink your relationship with your body? With food? With exercise? With self-love? This group can help you do that. Struggling with your body image or your connection with food doesn’t have to happen alone.

This virtual process group provides a safe, supportive environment for adults, ages 18+. In this group you will practice skills that will help you build a different, more-loving relationship with your body, while connecting with others in a compassionate space.


We hold a body-neutral, health-at-every-size, strengths-based, compassion-focused approach to help you find more understanding for your body and peace with your body.

What we’ll be doing includes:

1. exploring meaningful connection with others (and the things that get in our way)

2. exploring meaningful connection with our bodies

3. exploring the messages we have heard about our bodies and exploring the messages we continue to give our bodies

4. exploring our beliefs around worthiness and what it means to take up space in our different lives

5. exploring discomfort tolerance and how it feels to take care of ourselves in ways that truly serve us

... and more!

There will also be guided discussions during group session and journaling prompts for individual exploration in between sessions.

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Professional Facilation Provided By
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Steph Laney, CPC is a master's level intern and a certified professional coach (CPC). She is completing her master’s in counseling at the University of North Georgia and she is under the clinical supervision of Kirsten Banks, LPC, CPCS, CAI, CIP. Steph specializes in body-based therapeutic approaches that look at mental health from a holistic perspective and involve the body, spirit, and emotions along side the mind.


This is a Virtual Group meeting on Zoom | Tuesdays 7pm -8:30pm  

$45 per group 

*Initial phone screening required

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