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Interventions save lives and help families heal and move forward. Substance Use Disorder and mental health issues are complex and the process for finding the right help can be very complicated. In times of crisis, family members often struggle navigating this complex process to determine what the best plan is and knowing how to locate the appropriate treatment match on their own. If you have made attempts in the past and have not been successful in helping your loved one, then now is the time to hire a Certified Interventionist.

Certified Interventionist:

A Certified Interventionist is an expert on addiction and/or other mental health issues. It is important to look for an interventionist's credentials for certification, such as Certified Arise Interventionist "CAI" or Certified Intervention Professional "CIP". Certified Interventionists are trained and skilled in family systems and successful intervention techniques. The interventionist supports, educates, provides guidance, direction, and training, as well as the facilitation of the intervention and aftercare services.

Clinical Background / Degrees:

Interventionists who are also mental health counselors, such as an Licensed Professional Counselor or LPC, spend years in school, studying both addiction and psychology. This Clinical experience can be essential when working with complex situations and in order to recommend the most appropriate treatment facility for your loved ones specific needs.

When hiring an Interventionist, here are some things to look for:

  • Certified Interventionist, such as CAI or CIP

  • Clinical License or Credentials

  • Accredited College/University Degrees

  • Academic background, training, and/or experience background

  • Experience treating addiction, mental health, trauma and families

  • Experience working with complex clients and families suffering from Substance Use Disorder, Trauma, and Mental Health issues.

  • Ethical code: do they or have they ever taken kickbacks for treatment placement.

Therapeutic Recovery Network utilizes a team approach to our intervention process. For many reasons, a team approach to clinical care for the client and family is often required. With over 35 years of combined experience in the field, Kirsten Banks, MA, LPC, CAI and Allison Basham, MA, LPC, MAC, CAI have partnered together to provide a unique approach to intervention services. Kirsten and Allison are both Licensed Professional Counselors and Certified Arise Interventionists (CAI). As Clinicians they are trained and experienced in how to provide clinical interventions for mental health and/or substance abuse cases. As Certified Interventionists they have extensive training in working with the whole family system and the person of concern to get help and to facilitate change in the entire family system.

Through their many years of experience as Clinicians and Certified Interventionists both

Kirsten Banks, MA, LPC, CAI and Allison Basham, MA, LPC, MAC, CAI have developed an extensive referral network of accredited and qualified treatment facilities across the US. This allows them to recommend the specific treatment placement that is most appropriate for your loved one’s specific needs. If you or someone you know needs help navigating through this please reach out. We offer a free consultation with one of our first call specialist | 404.426.7612 or email info@therapeuticrecoverynetwork.com. TRN may not be the right fit for you and that's okay, at least we can point you in the right direction and offer referrals to other Certified Intervention providers. To learn more about Kirsten Banks and Allison Basham's professional credentials and experience please go to our ABOUT section at www.therapeuticrecoverynetwork.com/about

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