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Depressed drunk young addicted man drinker sleeping alone on bar counter with whiskey glas
Substance Abuse Evaluations

An evaluation does these things:

  • Determines if the individual has an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

  • Assesses the extent of the substance use or addiction.

  • Identifies if there are any co-occurring conditions, such as any physical or mental health concerns, or any additional drug use.

  • Assesses the extent to which the substance use is harming the person’s life.

  • Creates a complete understanding of the person and their circumstances, which establishes a baseline. This helps to build an accurate treatment plan that is best suited for their needs.


A substance use evaluation typically consists of two components: a screening and an assessment. The screening is a preliminary appraisal of risk factors to determine if someone needs help to prevent their substance use from progressing further. The assessment is a more formal and in-depth process that involves interviewing the person to get a more complete picture of their substance use and mental health.

We provide full substance abuse evaluation and assessments. The purpose of a comprehensive substance abuse evaluation is to identify areas that may require further assessment by other professionals, and to develop a recommended treatment plan based on specific needs and diagnostic information.

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